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In my experience the biggest difference maker for girls is confidence. I know for my daughter the WHL Academy mindset instruction was the most valuable (and priceless) part of the program. Every case is different; but if you want my two cents, at that age I would spend the money on development (edges, small games, shooting, puck handling, etc.) and the WHL Academy program before signing up for showcases and expensive camps.

Timothy P.

I wanted to take a moment to reach out and thank you for the time you took to talk to my daughter Abby and for answering my messages with kindness and encouragement. Even though we didn’t sign up for your offerings, the time you took talking with her and your knowledge/experience helped tremendously with her journey.
I thought you’d be pleased to know that she got an offer from Suffolk University (one of her top choice schools) and will be playing for them next fall. It has been so fun to watch her play and develop and I am SO proud of her!
Thanks again!

Heather D.

Jaclyn & Carson have been a huge help during Maddie’s recruiting process. They helped explain the college recruiting landscape and the process to our family. We chose WHL Academy because it placed the onus of the work on our daughter, making her responsible for her college search. We thought this was critical because as parents we were not the ones going to college and playing hockey, she was and as such, needed to own the entire process.

WHL Academy helped provide the tools and road map for Maddie, but made sure she took ownership and did the work reaching out to schools and coaches. The recruiting process can be frustrating, strange, and at times, baffling for both players and parents and it was reassuring to have Jaclyn and Carson as sounding boards on weekly calls!

Thanks so much for helping with Maddie’s recruiting process and finding a school where she will play college hockey!

Pete DiNardo

I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the skills I learned and the support I was given from you and your team! Thank you!

Emma J.

Thank you so much for all your help with this Jaclyn. I’m so passionate about hockey and just knowing that I have this great opportunity to keep playing competitively feels like my dream is coming true.

I definitely wouldn’t have made it this far without you!

Sam I.

Our daughter signed up in grade 9. We thought it may have been too early to start. We were wrong.

In 8 weeks, we knew what her next 4 years would look like and had a game plan in place. The ongoing support beyond the 8 weeks is what has been invaluable.

Being able to talk to real people who have been in our daughters shoes and have coached at the university level has eased any concerns and answered all of our questions.

Steve H.

We wish we had known about your program before we signed up with NCSA.

We love what you are offering and think it’s a fantastic model. Your posts on here have been beyond helpful so we can only imagine how great your program is once you’re “in”.

Thanks so much for the time you gave us. You are helping so many players and families.


Listen to Jaclyn Hawkins on this! She is the best, and the team she has built is the most knowledgeable in the industry for helping guide girls to the college level of play. She and her crew are always there to help. And remember that there isn’t only one path for kids to go to college hockey. Every kids journey is different.

Jeff Stebbeds

The process really has to be drive by the athlete. Parents are there to support, encourage and assist, of course. The drive, determination and motivation really needs to come from the kid.

WHL Academy provides the athlete and parents with help and support to take the process into your own hands. If the athlete is really determined, then it’s an amazing tool for that next step.

Susan Bedier

I wanted my daughter to gain confidence and to know how to contact coaches from various programs. It’s a feeling of support that has lasted long past the initial 8 weeks and those first few months of the process.

Jaclyn made it clear that she and her team would be there for us no matter what and that has proven to be true.


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