“From a parental perspective, I was very pleased with the experience and knowledge my daughter took from the WHL Academy course.

At every turn, Jaclyn Hawkins and her staff were extremely helpful with any questions that would come up. We never felt like just a number, so to speak, more like a member of their family. You can truly feel that they are 100% committed to giving your child every advantage they possibly can in navigating the recruitment process.

If what you’re looking for is a program that is designed to support your daughter, both now and in the future with personalised expert knowledge until they meet their goals …

This is it!”


“I loved this program! With the calls and videos online, it really gave me a better understanding of the recruiting process and everything that is needed to reach your goal of playing university hockey.

This includes finding ways to help pay tuition through scholarships, the importance of being responsible on social media, and how to market yourself to Coaches.

Also, this program has showed me that your mental side of the game is just as important to improve upon both to better yourself as a teammate, person, and player on the ice.

I also really liked how all the Coaches involved were so eager to answer questions, and help players and parents out. They really just gave me the best experience possible”


Morgan hails from sunny California, not typically known as a hockey hot-bed.  She is an undersized player and has completely turned her recruiting process around. She is now on the path to finding a home.


From Western Canada to THE Ohio State University: Through hard work and dedication, the INCREDIBLE Lexi Bedier shows us how success isn’t given, it’s earned.


​​​​​​​”WHL Academy has had a profound impact on my knowledge, understanding, and how to go about the recruiting process.

From the first course, “Master your mindset”, I not only felt mentally prepared to proceed with the recruiting, but I felt more motivated to do all of the things that make me a better player and person which, in turn, makes the process easier.

Each different course offered new knowledge and insight that can’t be found anywhere else. I especially liked the “Mock Coach Call” as it was extremely helpful. Simulations like that cannot be done with any other recruiting website.

The knowledge I gained about all of the specific rules pertaining to Div. 1 and Div. 3 recruiting cleared up every question I had.

The idea of goal setting is also implemented within the course and it never occurred to me how important that can be while en route to College hockey.

Finally, the people who created this course know exactly what they are doing, as many of them were College Coaches and players themselves. They know the roles of what it is like to be both a player and a Coach going about the recruiting process. If a question ever arose, there was always someone to answer it completely with insight that answered more than just the question.

There truly is not another website or course like this that is offered in women’s hockey”


“As a parent – I am so grateful to WHL Academy for giving me all the tools I need to assist my daughter in her pursuit of playing collegiate hockey.

Coach Jaclyn Hawkins and her team of D1 and D3 coaches have collectively produced a comprehensive and intense program designed to evaluate each girl independently so they can hone in on their areas of interest and help them to think carefully and deliberately about each next step in the recruitment process.

Every question we had, whether it was about athletics, academics, or just overall collegiate hockey experiences and expectations were answered and questions we never thought of to ask were also answered.

My daughter left the program with a very clear vision as to what her next steps of the recruiting process were, what her strengths were, areas she needs to continue to develop plus all the tools she needed to effectively contact college coaches.

I think one of the best benefits is that after completing the WHL Academy program, my daughter feels that not only does she have an invaluable resource, but Coach Hawkins and her team “has her back” and in this competitive world of women’s hockey – that is priceless!”


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