It’s hard enough to get noticed by coaches and near impossible if your daughter is on the bench! Sometimes you have to wonder, especially whenever you see her riding the pine.

What should you do when the coach doesn’t seem to like your daughter? If your child’s playing well for months or years, and then a coach just sits her … It can be frustrating. It’s hard enough to achieve in this game. It’s even harder when you don’t know what you’re supposed to be achieving.

What do coaches want?

We’d say that only a small percentage of coaches are really good at articulating why they put certain girls on the ice and leave other girls behind. It can create confusion, because coaches choose kids for different reasons. We’ve seen some coaches who love physical play from their girls. They think that the more rough and rugged a girl is on the ice, the more willpower and dedication she’s going to have off the ice. Some coaches prefer girls who can put the puck in the net. Others are about culture, about supporting the team.

It’s hard to really know what your coach wants and there are as many different styles of coaching, as there are teams in hockey. That can be a depressing situation. Even worse, everyday you aren’t a priority is a day you’re falling behind. How is a college coach supposed to discover your child if she’s not even playing?

don’t panic

Our team specializes in turning small windows of opportunity into OPEN DOORS from the best institutions in North America. It’s a program called WHL Academy – and over a few weeks, we walk your daughter through the recruiting process and show her all the tricks of the trade. All of us played hockey in college. One of us even suited up at the 2022 Winter Olympics. Plus, since we’ve been coaching other female hockey players for years, we’re not just going by our own experience playing hockey in college.

We’re going by the combined experience of all our current and past players too. We specialize in women’s hockey – not admissions in general, not hockey in a broad sense (men’s hockey has a different set of rules, requirements, and personal connections!) We specialize in the game your daughter is playing.

So if you want to give your daughter the best chance of getting into college, you need to work with us.

To top it all off, we’ve worked with girls across the spectrum of both talent and playing time … and we understand those two things are NOT always the same.

We know the recruiting process inside and out

We understand what schools need, and we help your daughter present herself in a way that appeals to them. All we ask for is intense focus and commitment during the program.

Sound good? If you’d like to challenge us, ask your hardest questions, and chart a path to your daughter’s college recruitment, schedule a FREE Breakthrough Call with us today!

Don’t watch your daughter from the stands and let the opportunity slip away from you.

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