My team and I are putting together a select group of high school athletes and helping them secure a spot on a university hockey team.

Whether your daughter is in her first year of high school or getting ready to research universities next year…

If she’s in this group, she will:

🏒 Develop a bulletproof mindset that will serve her for the rest of her life

🏒 Navigate the complex recruiting process like a boss

🏒 Improve her overall on-ice performance 

🏒 Feel prepared to talk to university coaches with confidence

🏒 Be recruited for a team she’s excited to play for

She’ll also set up a player profile in our database where university coaches can log in, view her information, and be impressed with how she’s showcasing her skills. 

This gives our players an advantage over less organized, unprepared student-athletes. 

Plus, we’ll help narrow down her list of schools and help her find some non-academic and non-athletic scholarship money that she can apply for and earn.

Why does this process work?

Because my coaches and I have ALL been recruited student-athletes who went on to play hockey in university.

We know the entire recruiting process inside and out, both as players and university coaches. 

We know what coaches look for, and we’ll personally help your daughter showcase the kind of excellence that coaches and universities are looking for.

Our players’ success rate is 95% – and each of them found “a home away from home” in university. 

If you want to save time and stress while setting your daughter up to win (for life), this group might be a great option for her. 

Send us an email ([email protected]) right away if this sounds like something she could benefit from, and I’ll send you a link to set up a family call with us. 

But first, a word of warning: Your daughter must be coachable, committed, and willing to show up and do the work. If she is, with our guidance, there’s NO. WAY. she won’t find a home.

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