From an “a” youth hockey team to standout university player

You know your daughter is destined for something special with her passion for hockey.

Maybe she dominates and leads her team in points. Maybe she dreams of playing at a professional level. But not all coaches are the same, especially those at the junior/youth level. 

Not all of them prioritize mindset and development. And unfortunately, there’s a ton of politics happening at the junior level with parent coaches. 

Are they truly seeing your daughter’s strengths? Or is she getting passed over for other student athletes, for one reason or another?

This was the situation with one of our players. 

She joined WHL Academy after she hadn’t been picked for an A team. She was devastated. She was skilled enough, but it was a well-meaning parent coach who didn’t give her the opportunity to shine. 

She joined our Academy that summer, started the mindset classes and began to see things differently. She became stronger and knew she was capable of becoming the person and team player she always wanted to be. The minor hockey league experience may have slowed her development, but we helped her catch up really fast. 

The result? 

She ended up getting picked for a AA team, and was the dominant leader and Captain at an ACHA D2 university. We were able to help her know that if she kept going, she would reach her goals.

Is your daughter a courageous young leader who dreams of playing at the university level? 

We can help her gain the skills she needs to be recruited.

Our program is enrolling now!

Send an email ([email protected]) for more details, and we’ll send you a link to book an exploratory call with us. On the call, we’ll dive into your daughter’s current challenges and dreams and see whether we can help her make them come true. 

And just in case you don’t know who “we” are, we were recruited student athletes who went on to play hockey in university. We know the entire recruiting process inside and out, both as players and coaches. One of our coaches competed in the Olympics. So we know what we’re doing and we can fast track your student athlete through the university recruitment process. 

IF she puts in the work.

Interested? Email [email protected]

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