Have you ever said this to your daughter?: “The obstacle is the way. What stands in the way becomes the way.

Chances are you haven’t said it exactly like that. But, it’s powerful advice… if you know how to use it. And you can read about it in the ‘The Obstacle Is The Way’.

That book took the NFL world by storm. Footballers everywhere are reading it to fortify their mental game and build bullet-proof mindsets.

As you know, we always say how crucial your mindset is. That’s why it’s one of the first things we cover in WHL Academy. It’s why we have hired TWO mindset coaches to work alongside our players and parents.

Mindset sets you up for everything else. Because how you react to life’s challenges determines the life you have.

For example…maybe you and your daughter have a huge obstacle in the way of her hockey dreams. An impassable boulder on the path between her and her dream college team. And the big boulder that’s in the way of your daughter…

Is your uncertainty.

You have no idea how to get her there. No matter what you do to get around that boulder, push it away, or blow it up…you barely move an inch.

That’s a heavy burden to bear. You feel stuck and nothing you do seems to help your daughter get any closer. You begin to brace her (and yourself) for disappointment. And you know if you miss the deadlines your daughter’s dreams will slip through her fingers.

Then what?

You’ll shrug your shoulders and say: “Oh well, we tried”?

Is that what you want to teach your daughter? To miss deadlines then give up? That will never bring your daughter any closer to what she wants.

Instead… teach her to grab opportunities life gives you. Make your obstacles become your way.

If your uncertainty is a giant boulder between where you are and where you want to be or if you’re uncertain about ANY step on the path of your daughter’s dreams…

…whether it’s getting noticed by coaches… showing off your daughter’s hockey strengths… getting into her desired degree… building her a mental citadel that withstands nuclear blasts… or just finding hidden scholarship money to avoid massive debt…

Then THAT’S what you focus on. That’s your way forward!

Because once you have a solution that takes all your uncertainty away, that boulder will melt away like an iceberg in the Sahara Desert.

That’s what the WHL Academy does for you. It’s a complete and comprehensive A-Z course that covers your daughter’s journey to college hockey EVERY step of the way.

Here’s what one parent says:

I am so grateful to WHL Academy for giving me all the tools I need to assist my daughter in her pursuit of playing collegiate hockey.

Coach Jaclyn Hawkins and her team of NCAA and USports coaches have collectively produced a comprehensive and intense program designed to evaluate each girl independently so they can hone in on their areas of interest and help them to think carefully and deliberately about each next step in the recruitment process.

Every question we had, whether it was about athletics, academics, or just overall collegiate hockey experiences and expectations were answered and questions we never thought of to ask were also answered.

If you want to smash that boulder in your daughter’s way, then book a free call at this link: https://calendly.com/whlacademy/breakthrough-call

Your phone will ring at the time you choose. We’ll talk and see if your daughter is a good match for the program. And whether she has the 3 traits she needs to succeed at WHL Academy.

Teach your daughter to turn problems into paths. To make all her obstacles become the way forward.

Book a call at this link: https://calendly.com/whlacademy/breakthrough-call 

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