Ever dealt with a “crazy” hockey parent?

If a parent screams at the coaches and wants to fist-fight the ref. If they have a brand new Bauer bag and four different sticks for their kid to use during practice … they’ve invested a lot financially and emotionally. 

You can try to avoid these parents, but you run into them on every level. Sometimes they even get onto associations and take charge (that’s a whole different ball game).

It’s important to remember these parents aren’t evil. They’re just nervous. And fear drives people to act outside the norm.

I’ve talked about some of my “ground rules” for building a culture before each season. One of my rules when I coached at the youth level is that I ask parents to focus on the present. One of the things that motivate the angry hockey parents is anxiety about the future.

Fear and ambition are both terrible to team chemistry. 

Obviously, it’s good to have goals. But if you spend so much time thinking about next season or what’s going to happen in the summer or who might coach them a year from now … 

You lose sight of what you should be learning – skating, stick handling, shooting, positioning, communication. The fundamentals of the game are so important. 

I always wanted the players I worked with to be the best they can be right now. And most coaches feel the same way. But that can come with a lot of problems. 

If you spend years going through coach after coach who wants you to stay focused on the coming year …

How do you solve long term problems?

It’s so frustrating to have so many voices that build up through your daughter’s career. By the time you’re ready to look into their hockey career after high school, you realize that your coaches can’t completely focus on just your child. 

They’re worried about the rest of the players/parents, team culture and team unity. 

It’s so important to have someone that’s completely focused on improving this single aspect of your daughter’s future, but most coaches can’t play that role … oftentimes at no fault of their own.

That’s where we come in.

If you want to give your daughter the advantage of FOCUSED attention on getting her a spot on a university team, let’s talk. 

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