How Being Vulnerable Makes You Stronger | Women’s University Hockey

If you’re willing to be vulnerable and ask for help, your life can, and will, dramatically change.

No, this isn’t a post about how amazing our WHL Academy program is, but yes, we are awesome 😉

This is actually a gratitude post. A post to all of you, my family, my friends, and the families I’ve been fortunate enough to work with, who have helped ME! 

My name is Jaclyn Hawkins, Founder of WHL Academy , and if you don’t know me … well you’re about to know a little bit about me.

I’m a single mom of 7 year old twins. My ex-wife and I get along ANNOYINGLY well. Like, if you could dream up the best divorce in history, once all was said and done, that’s my ex and I. 

I truly believe her and I were brought together to create two incredible kids who will make waves and impact the world we live in, in ways we still can’t even imagine. But, as any parent knows, whether divorced, single, happily married, or “whatever”, there is NO manual for how to do this whole “parenting” thing. Am I right or am I right?

This is where my love for the families we work with in WHL Academy, and my own family and friends, come in. 

I ask a million questions. In an almost annoying kind of way. Just ask anyone who has been on the receiving end of this 😉 

I go deep.

In doing so, I get to know people. On a deeper level.

With twins now in grade 2 — one who loves school, the other who just loves recess (he definitely got that from me!) — my ex and I have had our challenges and struggles. I mean really, how do you get a kid who refuses to even put clothes on in the morning, let alone get into the car, to actually go to school? Have you ever tried to wrestle a 7 year old into clothes, let alone chase them around a car and into a seat belt? 🤯

My point? I’ve been doing something in the last little bit that I haven’t done for a long time.

I’ve asked for help.

The other night, I called a parent of a player we are working with for advice. He is a principal at an elementary school. We didn’t talk about his daughter and her recruiting process, but rather about my own kids and how I can help them with school. 

You see, when you join our WHL Academy family, you truly become a part of our family. We lean on each other, and what I’ve learned by being vulnerable and asking for help is that people respond. 

I’ll be the last to say I have perfected this. It’s a work in progress, but I’m choosing to surround myself with people who know more than I do so I can learn, grow, evolve, and chase my own dreams. By doing so, I can then help others chase their own dreams.

Work hard, stay humble, and always be kind ❤️

SHAMELESS plug coming at you (because my mentor will not be pleased if I don’t 😉) …

If you’re unsure on how to help your daughter in the university recruiting process, let us help you!

Book a free call here 👉

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