What Makes Us Different From An Agent? | Women’s University Hockey

Recently we have been getting asked a lot on calls with families looking to join WHL Academy, what makes us different from an agent?

GREAT question!

  1. We don’t call university coaches on behalf of the player.
  2. We don’t write emails to university coaches on behalf of the player.
  3. We don’t negotiate scholarships with university coaches on behalf of the player.
  4. We don’t “sell” a player to university coaches.
  5. We don’t care (and I say this with so much love) what level the player ends up playing in university. We care about finding them the right fit for what they want.

You see, what we have basically created is a life coaching course and have “disguised” it with the game of hockey because we know the player will listen. It’s about THEM and THEIR future. 

It’s not about us.

We equip them with the tools needed to take control of their recruiting process and future. We help build their confidence to send those emails, to make those calls, to ask the hard questions.

For us, our end goal is to build young girls into strong independent women, and by default they gain the confidence to chase their dreams unapologetically and find a university that meets their needs.

So, if you’re looking for someone to do the work for you, we are not your people (but we will still love you 😉). 

If you’re NOT looking for an agent, but rather a team of former recruited student-athletes and former university coaches, please book a FREE call with us today 👉 https://calendly.com/whlacademy/breakthrough-call 

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